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In this week's edition we splash on a Conservative pledge to slash inheritance tax, while our excellent general election coverage also includes Ed Miliband's 'secret' former girlfriend, Stephanie Flanders. Elsewhere, the Duke of Cambridge faces a two-hour dash to the maternity ward, while a novel written by the 10-year-old Queen Victoria is to be published. There has been a major oil strike in Surrey and a gang steals £60m from London's jewellery quarter. In sport, Justin Spieth storms to the Masters, the retiring AP McCoy's Grand National swansong is spoilt by Leighton Aspell and United beat City.

The weekly world edition of The Telegraph is a 48-page, all-colour newspaper featuring the best journalism from The Daily Telegraph, Britain’s market-leading quality paper, and The Sunday Telegraph.

It delivers a comprehensive and unique digest of British news, sport, comment, business and culture, allowing expats to keep in touch with events at home.

The July 1st 2009 free trial issue features the life of Michael Jackson, King of Pop 1958-2009; Simon Heffer, the columnist, comments on the election of John Bercow as Speaker and Damien McElroy reports on the increasing tensions between Britain and Iran.

Other features include a look at the week’s business with articles from Ambrose Evans-Pritchard and Tom Stevenson; a new column from Lesley Garner offers readers relationship advice and Gavin Mairs laments the Lions defeat to South Africa in the sports pages.

With The Telegraph world edition, being abroad no longer has to mean being out of touch.

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