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February 8 - 14 2012


The Telegraph


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Final message Gary Speed’s wife says her husband sent text suggesting suicide


Egyptian football horror More violence in Cairo after football riot kills more than 70


New revolution Rebel village of Wukan prepares for China’s first free elections


International schools Warwick Mansell looks at expat education options in Singapore

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There was no winner of Saturday’s £4.6m jackpot and one winner of Wednesday’s £2.2m prize

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The Telegraph

By Robert Winnett CHRIS HUHNE last week became the first Cabinet minister in living memory to be charged with a serious criminal offence after the fallout from his acrimonious divorce left him facing court, a potential jail sentence and the end of his political career.

The Energy Secretary was forced to resign within minutes of the announcement by the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) that he had been charged with perverting the course of justice. The Liberal Democrat will make his first court appearance in less than a fortnight.

Mr Huhne and his ex-wife, Vicky Pryce, have both been charged with the same offence after it was alleged that she agreed to accept speeding points on behalf of her then husband.

The charges carry a maximum life sentence, although legal precedent suggests that a guilty verdict in such a case would probably lead to a prison sentence of fewer than two years.

Mr Huhne now faces the prospect of a court showdown with his ex-wife, whose allegations about the incident prompted the police investigation that resulted in last Friday’s announcement.

The claims first emerged last year at the height of a bitter divorce after Mr Huhne left Miss Pryce for one of his aides. The speeding charge dates back to 2003 and the CPS decided to charge Mr Huhne after police seized emails between his ex-wife and a journalist.

Announcing his resignation, Mr Huhne declared his innocence and vowed to clear his name. Last Friday, Miss Pryce, a prominent economist, said that she hoped for a “quick resolution” to the case.


Out the door: Chris Huhne and his estranged wife Vicky Pryce, right, are due in court next week

On an extraordinary day of political drama, senior Liberal Democrats rushed to defend Mr Huhne, who has repeatedly denied the accusation.

In a letter to Mr Huhne following his resignation, Nick Clegg, the Deputy Prime Minister, said: “I fully understand your decision to stand down from government in order to clear your name, but I hope you will be able to do so rapidly so that you can return to play a key role in government as soon as possible.”

Vince Cable, the Lib Dem Business Secretary, added that he was “confident” that Mr Huhne would be cleared.

However, in his letter to the minister, David Cameron made no mention of the prospect of Mr Huhne returning to government if he is cleared of the charges.

After praising Mr Huhne’s work in tackling climate change, Mr Cameron said: “Like the Deputy Prime

Minister, I am sorry to see you leave the Government under these circumstances and wish you well for the future.” Mr Huhne, 57, is the third Cabinet minister — and the second Lib Dem — to be forced to resign since the formation of the Coalition in 2010, following his fellow party member David Laws, and Dr Liam Fox.

His departure forced a mini-reshuffle that saw Ed Davey, a junior Lib Dem minister, promoted to the Cabinet as Energy Secretary.

The vacancy left by Mr Davey in the Department for Business was filled by Norman Lamb, a parliamentary aide to Mr Clegg. The dramatic day in Westminster began when the Prime Minister was told by Jeremy Heywood, the Cabinet Secretary, at 9.10am last Friday that Mr Huhne was to be charged.

In a televised press conference at 10am, Keir Starmer, the country’s chief prosecutor, said: “All the available evidence, including the new material, has now been carefully considered by the CPS and we have concluded that there is sufficient evidence to bring criminal charges against Mr Huhne and Miss Pryce for perverting the course of justice.

“The essence of the charges is that, between March and May 2003, Mr Huhne, having allegedly committed a speeding offence, falsely informed the investigating authorities that Miss Pryce had been the driver of the vehicle in question, and she falsely accepted that she was the driver. They are due to appear in court on February 16 this year.”

Within an hour, Mr Huhne announced his resignation outside the house he shares with his partner, Carina Trimingham. He said: “I am innocent of these charges and I intend to fight this in the courts and I am confident that a jury will agree.”

By Philip Sherwell in Las Vegas MITT ROMNEY cemented his status as the Republican presidential front-runner with a comfortable victory in the Nevada caucus last Saturday – his third win in five contests.

The former Massachusetts governor used his victory speech at a boisterous rally in a Las Vegas casino ballroom to attack Barack Obama as he attempts to put the primary campaign behind him and focus on November’s presidential election.

In his address to an energetic crowd who repeatedly chanted his name, he ignored his Republican rivals and repeatedly blasted Mr Obama for his handling of the economy.

It was one of the most powerful speeches of his campaign in a state that is expected to be a key battleground in November, with an unemployment rate of 12.6 per cent, the highest in America.

But even as he seeks to build the momentum to wards the battle for the White House, his three opponents for the Republican nomination vowed to fight on as the race moves this week to Colorado, Minnesota and Missouri.

By contrast, his closest challenger Newt Gingrich held a press conference,

rather than talking to supporters, and had to begin by refuting speculation that he was going to drop out of the race after defeats in Florida and then Nevada.

In a 22-minute session in which his mood varied between defiant and angry, Mr Gingrich downplayed Mr Romney’s success as a result of the influence of his fellow Mormons in the state.

And he repeatedly hammered Mr Romney as “a pro-abortion, pro-gun control, pro-taxes” candidate – even though aides had said earlier that he intended to return to a positive campaign message.

Almost unavoidably for America’s self-proclaimed

Sin City, Mr Romney held his caucus-night party in a casino and Mormon supporters made their way to the rally past thousands of people gambling and drinking – activities proscribed by their faith. Mr Romney was welcomed on to stage by his wife Ann, an increasingly important campaign figure, and two of their five sons and several grandchildren. The message “Believe in America” was emblazoned behind them. Mr Romney is now hoping to notch up a series of victories in states that look like favourable terrain for him before the 11 contests on Super Tuesday in early March.


February 8 - 14 2012

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T Tell us what you know and help us build the world’s best online resource for expats


FROM the shops that stock English tea, to the oldfashioned boozers that serve a proper roast on Sundays, British establishments across the globe are a lifeline to the thousands of expats who crave a taste of home.

With hundreds of new places nominated for our competition this year, picking the winners was anything but easy – but we hope our selection underlines the sterling work that British communities do all around the world. BEST RESTAURANT Winner: Farmers Gastropub, Springfield, Missouri, USA Described by its nominator as “a little piece of Britain in the heart of America”, this welcoming gastropub was highly commended in our last competition, and this year managed to scoop the prize for top restaurant. We imagine its 26 draught beers will be flowing freely to celebrate.

BEST SHOP Winner: Delish Fine Foods, Upper Tantallon, Nova Scotia, Canada Run by expats Linda and Denis Dineen, this popular shop keeps local Brits supplied with their favourite goodies from across the Pond, and even has a dedicated chef to turn out homemade treats such as Scotch eggs and meat pies. It’s so good, you’ll even find Canadians popping in.

BEST PUB/BAR Winner: The Londoner, Xiamen, China Customers don’t have a bad word to say about this traditional British watering hole, which many describe as an oasis in the heart of frenetic Xiamen. We’re not surprised at its popularity – not only has it covered its roof in satellite dishes to provide the best sports programming possible, but also the owners hand out “Bloody Marys and complimentary bacon butties to the needy“ on Sunday mornings.

BEST BUSINESS CLUB Winner: The British Business Group Dubai & Northern Emirates, Dubai Set up in 1997 to promote British business in the UAE, the BBG (as it’s usually known) boasts over 1,500 members and holds around 80 events every year. Supporters say the networking opportunities it provides are “extensive” and that it is “unlike any other equivalent group for getting things done for its members”.

BEST SOCIAL CLUB Winner: The Club, Abu Dhabi Abu Dhabi’s The Club, which celebrates its 50th anniversary in 2012, fought off the competition to retain its crown as best social club for the second year running. The Club has undergone a miraculous transformation over the years, from a tiny house without running water or mains electricity to a busy centre offering 13 bars and restaurants, 50 types of activity, a 15,000book library and two private beaches. What more could an expat need?

BEST ACCOMMODATION Winner: The Woodstocker Inn, Woodstock, Vermont, USA A new award this year, the prize for best accommodation goes to the Woodstocker Inn, a Britishrun B&B that specialises in “being doily free and having no dried flowers or floral paper”. Customers have a soft spot for its traditional English breakfasts – complete, of course, with Heinz baked beans.

BEST SPORTING CLUB Winner: The Mad Dogs Cricket Club, Greenwich, USA Another organisation which has won for the second year in a row, the Mad Dogs Cricket Club impressed the judges once more with its efforts to – in the words of one member – help “expats to meet people, acclimatise to the

States, and enjoy cricket in either friendly or competitive teams”.

All the winning establishments will shortly be sent an engraved plaque commemorating their achievement.

We also expect to announce the names of the five voters,

Some of the winners of the Best of British Awards 2011, clockwise from top left: The Woodstocker Inn, Vermont, USA; The Londoner pub in Xiamen, China; Farmers Gastropub, Missouri, USA; Mad Dogs Cricket Club, Greenwich, USA; The Club in Abu Dhabi; Delish Fine Foods, Nova Scotia, Canada nominators or reviewers who have won an iPad2 very soon. ‘The Telegraph’ would like to offer thanks to our partner, Help For Heroes; to our sponsor, John Lewis, voted “Britain’s favourite retailer 2011”*, and now offering delivery to over 30 countries including Australia and the USA; and, of course, to all the readers who took part by nominating or voting for their favourite British establishments.

*Verdict consumer satisfaction index

A tourist photographs frozen fountains in Trafalgar Square

Flurries fell over Scotland,

northern England and the Midlands last Saturday before moving down to London and East Anglia.

airports were forced to suspend operations for a period as snow piled up on the runways.

By Patrick Sawer MUCH of Britain woke up to a blanket of snow on Sunday as heavy snowfall grounded planes and caused road and rail disruption. Many motorway drivers were forced to spend the night in their cars as the snow brought traffic to a standstill. The Highways Agency urged motorists to take extra care on the roads.

A third of Sunday’s flights were axed at Heathrow Airport amid adverse weather conditions and the possibility of freezing fog. Some 350 flights – a third of the day’s total – were called off at the airport last Saturday even before the forecast snow began to fall.

On the roads, motorists faced what the RAC described as a “dangerous cocktail of driving conditions” and were urged to stay at home.

Stansted, Birmingham, Luton and Manchester

Last Saturday saw the ice stretch across much of Britain, with skating on the Fens, ice-climbing on waterfalls in the Brecon Beacons, and the Pennines blanketed in snow.

The cold snap spread from Siberia and across eastern Europe. More than 220 people have died across the continent as a result, with Ukraine bearing the heaviest toll of 122 dead, including many who simply froze in the street.

Thousands have been trapped in mountain villages in Serbia, while in Italy, Venice’s canals started freezing over and Rome had its heaviest snowfall for some 27 years.

A rare sight, as snow fills the Colosseum in Rome