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THE WEEKLY WORLD EDITION OF The Daily Telegraph AND The Sunday Telegraph

September 7 - 13 2011 No. 1050

The Telegraph

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I feel for Mrs Simpson, says Madonna

Staying put Weak pound tarnishes expat dream :: NEWS P8

It’s a breeze Rooney’s two goals help England glide past Bulgaria :: SPORT P48

Abdulgader al-Baghdadi, was found dead. An official from the transitional council confirmed that his body had been discovered two weeks ago, but was only recently identified. He had been shot, possibly by former regime apparatchiks hoping to silence him.

By Richard Spencer and Andrew Gilligan in Tripoli and Christopher Hope, Whitehall Editor LIBYA’S new rebel government knows the location of one of the alleged accomplices to the murder of WPc Yvonne Fletcher, threatening a diplomatic row, The Telegraph has learnt.

The administration has confirmed that it knows the whereabouts of Matouk Mohammed Matouk, who was named in Crown Prosecution Service papers as one of two “conspirators” who could be charged in connection with the killing outside the Libyan Embassy in London in 1984. He is the last named suspect believed to still be alive.

A source close to Mr Matouk said last week that he had attempted to defect to the National Transitional Council as Tripoli fell.

The Telegraph has disclosed that a British witness outside the embassy had identified a junior official, Abdulmagid Salah Ameri, as the man suspected of firing the fatal shots. He has never been traced since he was

INSIDE Reports p2, p4-5 Comment p19 Features p27

deported along with other embassy officials after an 11day stand-off and is thought to have died.

That leaves Mr Matouk as the only suspect believed to be still alive. The disclosure that the rebels know where he is will lead to pressure on Libya’s new government to co-operate with the Scotland Yard investigation into WPc Fletcher’s death and on David Cameron to secure his extradition to face trial in Britain.

The main rebel-backed television station alleged that Mr Matouk had been placed under arrest formally due to his long service with the Gaddafi regime. Ali Tarhouni, the de facto deputy prime minister of the new government, denied that, but admitted: “We know where he is.”

The second man named by the CPS as a conspirator in the shooting,

Downing Street announced that it was seeking to send police officers to Libya to continue their investigation into the murder.

“In terms of Yvonne Fletcher, there is an ongoing police investigation and we are working with the NTC to see whether we can ensure those

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MADONNA, pictured at the 68th Venice Film Festival, has written and directed a new film, W.E., which recasts Mrs Simpson as a romantic heroine and Queen Elizabeth as the bitchy sister-in-law.

Explaining why she had made W.E. — the name is based on the couple’s monogrammed initials — Madonna said: “Wallis Simpson was much maligned in history books.

“I think people didn’t understand the choice the King made to give up his position and it changed English history — it changed the history of the world in many ways.

“Often people greet unfamiliar circumstances with fear and they tried to

Nuclear fallout Bringing new life to ex-Soviet testing site :: FEATURES P24

diminish her as a human being because they didn’t understand this choice.”

Edward is portrayed as a fine man who will do anything for love, and the couple’s flirtation with Hitler is glossed over.

Madonna spent three years researching the Duke and Duchess of Windsor before committing her ideas to celluloid. She says the time is right to rehabilitate the Duchess in the eyes of the British public.

The film met a mixed response when it was screened at the Venice Film Festival, with critics praising the performance of Andrea Riseborough as the Duchess but reduced to helpless laughter by some of the lines in Madonna’s script.

Anita Singh

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