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Britain’s biggest and best car buyer’s guide

What’s new? 15 First drives, new models, news and gadgets

Test centre 45 The UK’s most thorough car comparisons

Star Cars this month

Triple test SUVs

Fiat Panda and Toyota GT 86


All-new city car is a rival for VW’s Up, while coupé aims for the Scirocco

New Nissan Qashqai vs Peugeot 3008 and Skoda Yeti 46

Reader test teams GT 86 and Veloster

What Car? readers give their verdict on smart new coupés


First drives

Audi A5 p36 Honda CR-V p36 Kia Optima p32 Kia Rio p35 Mitsubishi Concept PX-MiEV II p37 Porsche 911 p37 Renault Twingo p33 Subaru XV p29 Toyota Avensis p33 Toyota Prius+ p28 Toyota Yaris Hybrid p35


BMW launches a Merc CLS rival p38 Renault culls UK models p39

Coming soon Brilliant cars just around the corner p42





Twin test: coupés New BMW 6 Series vs Jaguar XK One’s a diesel, the other’s a petrol V8. Which is the better all-rounder? Quick test: superminis New Chevrolet Aveo vs Ford Fiesta Five-door eco-diesels go head-to-head



Twin test: hot hatches New Suzuki Swift Sport vs Renault Clio Gordini Which offers more thrills for budget-conscious drivers?


Our cars Final reports on our time with the Nissan Juke and Infiniti M, and first reports on the Jaguar XF, Lexus CT200h and Vauxhall Astra GTC, plus 18 more long-term cars


Your cars You tell us all about the cars you live with every day



8 | AWARDS 2012 AWARDS 2012

This month’s big surprise...

‘The Evoque didn’t even make the 2012 shortlist’

It’s good, but Land Rover’s new star failed to cut the mustard in this year’s Car of the Year p87

Car of the Year

Revealed: the UK’s best cars


New cars 175 A to Z Every new car tested and rated

The categories City car p88 Supermini p92 Small family car p96 Family car p100 Low-carbon award p104 Estate car p106 Performance car p110 MPV p114 Coupé p118 Safety and security p122 Reader award p123 Hot hatch p124 SUV p128 Executive car p132 Open-top p136 Luxury car p140 Car of the Year p144

Save £££s This month’s best new car deals


378 new cars reviewed and pictured


Buying and 149 owning Advice and tips to save you £££s

Don’t miss our comprehensive new car listings section. Before you buy, make sure you explore our 40-page A-Z. Listed by category, every car is reviewed and rated. Find out what we think of your next car, and its rivals.

Is your car covered? Why your next new-car warranty may not include all you think

They’ll buy any car… …but will web-based car-buying companies honour their quotes?

154 150

Used star car: Audi A1 Audi’s premium supermini, priced from £12,000

Used twin test: seven-seat SUVs Land Rover Discovery vs Volvo XC90

158 161

Hot used deals Volkswagen Passat Estate, why black is back and luxury bargains


Personal shopper Which smart SUV can do the job of a VW Golf GTI and more?

Suits you We help readers with budgets between £6000 and £18,000

Helpdesk When does an engine’s ‘characteristic noise’ become a fault?

164 167 168

Buyer’s guide 219 All the facts and figures on every new car

Britain’s biggest and best new car database

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What Car? Contract Hire and Leasing Car leasing made easy with What Car?

What Car? Warranty Protect your car with our expert cover

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Insurance, Finance, Brokers, Registrations and Services directory

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