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Blended whisky, Distillery Focus on Arran and Paul John plus an Australian whisky supplement

If you enjoy a dram then Whisky Magazine is your ideal drinking companion. From all the latest tastings and new releases to the world’s best whisky bars and undiscovered distilleries – each issue of this amazing magazine will take you on a magical whisky tour. Published eight times a year every issue of Whisky Magazine is a celebration of whisky around the world. Watch out for some of our favourite things...

Tastings – find out about our Best Buys

Bottlings – the latest releases put under the spotlight

Interviews – with the people making the industry tick

Whisky bars – learn where to sniff out the world’s best

Food – discover which foods complement that special malt

And there’s much, much more including supplements, the best whiskies in the world and Icons of Whisky

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