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O N LY E D U C AT E D T R A D E R S S U R V I V E I N S I D E : wD g A N N


Edge Trading Your



Jan/Feb 2012

CURRENCIES TO TRADE IN 2012 USD to outperform the European majors?

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Secular bear markets

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Volume 2, No. 1

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Opportunities for traders


Welcome to the first issue of YTE UK for 2012, where the hot topic remains the European debt crisis. Traders have an opportunity to take advantage of volatility in the markets and currency trading continues to experience a boom. As a result, your Jan/Feb 2012 issue of YTE UK takes a good look at what to expect, and which currencies to trade in 2012.

Our contributors are bullish on the USD. In our cover story, ‘US Dollar to Outperform European Majors in 2012’, Michael Boutros and Christopher Vecchio provide currency market analysis of the USD and European majors, providing some insight into which currencies to trade in 2012 (page 40). Similarly, in Chart Watch (page 56) Hemal Pandya considers the possibility of a sustained rally in the USD, and the impact that might have on sterling and euro currency crosses in 2012.

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YTE welcomes Rob Colville, who shares his most recent currency trading examples in ‘Diary of a Currency Trader’ (page 50). Ben Power spoke with CFD trader and Spread Better Malcolm Pryor (page 28). Ben will also be joining us as a regular blogger on www. – be sure to visit our blogs section for the latest from Ben. David Burton paid a visit to the tomb of WD Gann in New York and conducted some Gann analysis at the site, reported in ‘Secrets from the tomb’ (page 46).

In the face of global uncertainty and declining markets, traders and active investors with good money management and a taste for education may find some lucrative opportunities unique to those market conditions. In ‘The Big Picture’, Glenn Kuppe examines the history of bear markets and takes a step back to assess where we are in the cycle presently (page 34). Ben Mountifield explores what peak oil means for society at large and the opportunities it creates for traders to profit (‘Commodities Corner’ page 22). ______________________________________________ YourTradingEdge UK is published by Your Media Edge Pty Ltd.

Editor in Chief - Chelsea Reid Email -

Executive Chairman - Paul Schlusser Chief Executive Officer - Gary Aitchison Graphic Design - Steve Flory Sub Editor - Chief Financial Officer - Jim Anderson Sales and Marketing Manager - Kaisha Tavernier Subscription Manager - Kathy Colling

We also congratulate Toni Hansen on her new baby and welcome her back to this issue with ‘Letters to Toni’ (page 52)

Our first YTE UK readers’ survey is now under way. We would love your feedback on how YTE UK can continue to meet your trading education needs; the writers and topics you would like more of; and any other ways we can assist you on your trading journey. Visit to take part.

Happy reading and profitable trading.

Chelsea Reid Editor in Chief – YTE UK



JAN/FEB 2012