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Bringing it all together: iPads, Online and Print

The British Library: Wednesday, December 1st, 09.30-13.00

09:40Welcome Daryl Rayner (CEO and Founder, Exact Editions)
09:50Introductions David Worlock (Chief Research Fellow, Outsell Inc)
10:00 Session 1
  1. iPads and other tablets
  2. Digital magazines and advertising: digital magazines and subscribers. What is the balance?
11:00Tea & Coffee Break
11:30 Session 2
  1. The magazine business model: is it being reinvented or replicated?
  2. Magazine brands: How important are they and how can digital developments extend the brand?
  3. Few magazines have really tapped the social graph (yet). Are Facebook and Twitter the real new frontier for digital magazines?
12:00Closing SummaryDavid Worlock (Chief Research Fellow, Outsell Inc)
12:15Closing Words Julian Thorne (Managing Director Dovetail)


John Barnes Managing Director, Digital Strategy & Development at Incisive Media
Tim Brooks Managing Director of the Guardian News & Media
Madhav Chinnappa Strategic Partner Development Manager Google
Ben Greenish Managing Director of the Press Holdings Media Group (Spectator)
Andrea Kilbourne Digital Director/Lifestyle and MD Mobile Bauer Media
David Prasher Managing Director Haymarket Consumer Media

Getting There

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Location within the British Library